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Unrivaled Service Levels

Providing  reliable and secure corporate IT infrastructure requires specific know-how and expertise. We provide services with clearly defined parameters, including specific architectural, technological and commercial guarantees for reliability, performance and security. Every provider would tell you that his service is the best on the market. Take a closer look. What they’re really offering you is nothing close to what we do.

Leader in Cloud

DGM has developed strategic relationships with key technology vendors in the field of Virtualization, like VMware and DataCore, works directly with their R&D teams and participates in the process of testing and development of their future products. We have built our IT Lab to research and test new IT technologies and software. We use the knowledge and experience we have gained to further improve the quality of our Virtual IT Infrastructure service and to provide additional unique innovative features to our clients.

The Safe Choice

DGM does not use equipment or licenses for “internal use” or “demonstration purposes” to provide commercial services to its clients. DGM is certified VMware, DataCore and Microsoft Service provider and uses only licenses granted under Service Provider program to render cloud services to its clients. Thus DGM ensures that clients use the latest available versions and the newest product features and that the availability of the Virtual IT Infrastructure service will not be interrupted due to violation of licensing rules.

Without Compromises with Security

DGM does not compromise with the level of redundancy of its technology infrastructure in order to achieve lower prices. To ensure maximum level of availability and information security each component of our Virtual Data Center is at least doubled. Since we started offering our Virtual IT infrastructure service there has not been a single emergency service interruption.

High Grade, Proven Virtualization Platform

Our Virtual Data Center is 100% virtualized. We’ve implemented proven, high-grade virtualization technologies that are used by 90% of Fortune top 100 companies – VMware Server Virtualization, DataCore Storage Virtualization, Cisco Nexus Network Virtualization.

Our Virtual IT infrastructure service meets the most up-to-date, advanced criteria for Cloud service and enables our clients to take full advantage of virtualization.

Constant Investment in Improvement

We constantly invest in upgrading the physical infrastructure and supporting software of our Virtual Data Center, which allows us to provide services with maximum quality, performance and scalability.