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Reduced IT Expenses

You pay a monthly fee only for the IT resources you have actually used and only for the time you have used them. This is a much-easier-to-use and cost-effective solution than purchasing and installing your own equipment. You can reduce TCO by up to 40%.

TCO reduction is due to large savings related to:

  • CapEX: Server HW, Storage HW, Network HW, SAN HW, Software Licenses
  • OpEX: IT Platform Monitoring & Administration Labor, Hardware replacements and upgrades, Power & Cooling, Rack Space/ Colocation, Annual SW and HW Support fees
  • Business Risks: Planned, Unplanned, Business Downtime

Flexible Computing, Easy Scaling

You can use IT infrastructure with just as many resources as you need at the moment. When your business demands rise, you can quickly add resources and you can remove them, when you no longer need them.

Increased Availability and Reliability

You can use a service with a guaranteed level of availability that until recently only government organizations and large enterprises were able to afford. There will be no more interruptions of your business due to failure or planned maintenance.

Each component of the Virtual Data Center is at least redundant. Using the unique DataCore Sync Mirroring technology every bit of data is secured by SAN-based synchronous replication between two independent and isolated disk arrays. Additionally, other server and storage virtualization technologies and advanced VMware features like vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler, vSphere VMotion, and Storage VMotion are used to increase the availability and the reliability of the Virtual IT infrastructure Service.

Improved Efficiency

The high-performance resources of the Virtual IT infrastructure make you more efficient. You no longer need to wait for the report to be generated or the needed information to be found.

DGM constantly invests in the acquisition of latest-generation equipment and software and innovative technologies to ensure the high performance of the resources and to add new  unique features to the service. The High Speed Cashing technology that is used increases the performance and reduces the access time to disk arrays. The DataCore Auto-Tiering functionality provides dynamic transparent migration of the most frequently used blocks of data to the fastest tier storage.

Short Provisioning Time

You can have IT resources whenever you need them. No need to wait for delivery, installation and configuration of the equipment.

No Initial CapEx Investment

When you start new business or new service you can have the needed IT infrastructure provided as a service. You don’t have to invest great amount of money in equipment that is sized to take the estimated load at least 3 years ahead, without knowing if the business will last that long.

Free Expert Monitoring and Support

Companies spend up to 60% of their IT Budget for IT hardware maintenance and support. Now you can have it for free.

A team of certified experts 24x7x365 monitors your Virtual IT infrastructure to ensure that it runs smoothly and is ready to assist you in case you need support when you run it. Additionally, when you use  IT Management and Support services you can outsource to DGM the management of your IT. DGM can act as a Second Level of support in case you have your own IT staff. You can also outsource to DGM the management of a specific task, or use the DGM’s team of experts to get know-how and expertise on demand.