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DGM provides a flexible and cost-effective model for using IT infrastructure-as-a-service. The service is built using industry-leading virtualization technologies that power over 90% Fortune Global 500 companies and each Client can have their own dedicated, customized, enterprise-grade compute infrastructure. The service is reliable, high-performance, scalable and easy to manage. Clients get the peace of mind that their IT Infrastructure won’t let them down and they can response quickly to any new business challenge.

What is Virtual IT Infrastructure?

Infrastructure as a Service is a service based on shared hardware platform with a virtualization layer running on top, providing dedicated virtual computing resources and isolation for each individual client. The computing resources are grouped in Virtual Resource Pools (VRP) containing CPUs, RAM, Storage and Network bandwidth. This allows creating and running isolated and secure private virtual environments for each individual client.

Each client has full control – they can create and manage their own multiple virtual servers and allocate the available VRP capacity to the individual servers within their own Virtual Infrastructure at their convenience. Since clients could only use resources from their own VRP, they get a truly dedicated environment, completely isolated on every level from the other clients.

The size and the parameters of each VRP can be changed any time on-demand. This way every client can utilize as much computing power, storage and network bandwidth as needed, without shortages and without the need to oversubscribe.

Where is Virtual IT Infrastructure Located?

DGM operates and maintains its own hardware platform co-located in a Class A Data Center and employs various high-end server, storage and network virtualization technologies. We call our virtualized hardware platform Virtual Data Center (VDC).

Our Virtual Data Center allows us to provide enterprise service levels, unmatched quality, reliability and availability of more than 99.99%.

Our Virtual IT Infrastructure Service runs on our Virtual Data Center and uses all advantages of its system architecture. The Virtual Data Center’s unique architecture provides extremely high levels of reliability, availability, scalability and security. Until several years ago such a high-end infrastructure was only available to a small number of large and rich corporations.

How the Clients Access Their Virtual IT Infrastructure?

Clients usually access their Virtual IT Infrastructure via Metropolitan-Area-Network (MAN) connections or fiber-optic cables. Using VPN over redundant ultra-high-speed Internet service is also an option.

In all cases DGM can provide pre-configured communication devices, which do not require any special operating environment or on-premises administration.