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Reliable Systems

Our clients get the sense of security that information systems and technologies that they count on will work, because a team of highly qualified specialists is taking care of them around the clock. They can focus on what they do best – running and developing their own businesses.

Every day the system administrators in clients’ organization face serious challenges because of the multiple heterogeneous and new technologies and applications that are used in modern IT platforms. A single specialist just cannot have the expertise in every area, technology, application or aspect of IT. Our team of IT experts can handle every aspect of Information Technologies used in an organization, with each specialist having extensive knowledge in separate fields.

Fewer problems

The fewer IT-related problems you have, the more efficient your business will be. The selection of appropriate new technology and software based on our extensive expertise and experience, the preliminary testing of each solution in our IT laboratory, the proper setup and configuration based on best practices in the field and the constant preventive maintenance and proactive monitoring are all factors that allow DGM to ensure the reduction and even complete absence of IT-related problems in our clients’ organizations.

Well Managed IT Budgets

The expenditure of having DGM to monitor and support 24x7x365 the Information Technologies or to completely take over the IT management in your organization is significantly lower than the cost of maintaining your own IT staff.

Our team constantly researches and tests new technologies and has extensive experience gained through building many different solutions for business clients of various sizes and types. DGM offers innovative solutions to business challenges, providing its clients with tangible competitive advantages and new business and IT budget optimization opportunities.