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Virtual Data Center

DGM operates and maintains its own hardware platform co-located in a Class A Data Center and employs various high-end server, storage and network virtualization technologies. We call our virtualized hardware platform Virtual Data Center.

Our Virtual Data Center allows us to provide enterprise service levels, unmatched quality, reliability and availability of more than 99.99%. Our Virtual IT Infrastructure Service runs on our Virtual Data Center and uses all advantages of its system architecture. Each virtual server has the following features:

  • High Availability
  • Dynamic Resource Scheduling
  • Dual Redundant Storage (RAID + Storage Array Synchronous Mirroring)
  • Dual Redundant Storage Access (Multi-pathing)
  • Network Connectivity Redundancy (Trunk LAN ports)
  • Internet Service Redundancy (Multiple ISPs)
  • Firewall and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) Edge Protection
  • On-Demand Virtual Server Snapshots
  • Virtual Server Status Monitoring
  • Resource Utilization Monitoring

We have an in-house technical support team that constantly monitors and maintains the VDC platform.