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Team Experience

DGM professional team of experts is our most valuable asset. Bellow you can find list showing some of their greatest achievements


  • First Certified VMware Service Provider in Bulgaria
  • First Certified DataCore Service Provider in Bulgaria
  • First VMware and DataCore Software products beta tester in Bulgaria

Virtualization and Cloud

  • First Virtual Private Cloud (Design and Build) in Bulgaria in 2007
  • First Cloud Services Provider (IaaS, PaaS) in Bulgaria from 2008
  • First Enterprise Consolidation project in Bulgaria in 2008 (3x Data Centers, 160+ servers)

IT Management and Support

  • Management and Support of Corporate IT of 3000+ employee company
  • Management of a project for Design, delivery and implementation of new corporate IT infrastructure, IT Separation and migration of 30+ Business critical applications from 3 separate Data Centers in Europe to the new platform. Completed in less than 6 months.


  • Design, delivery and implementation of 200+ Virtual Servers IT infrastructure
  • Design, delivery and implementation of 1200+ Virtual Desktops IT infrastructure
  • Design, delivery and implementation of Private Cloud infrastructure for 6 000+ users
  • 10+ Executed IT Audits for banks, government institution and large corporations

Research and Development

  • Participation in EU R&D projects for researching novel hybrid architectures and approaches for delivering High Performance Computing solutions
  • DGM works directly with the R&D teams of VMware and DataCore by providing feedback on the real clients and market needs