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Architecture and Technologies

DGM’s Virtual Data Center unique architecture and the virtualization technologies that are used provide utmost levels of reliability, availability, performance, scalability and security. Until several years ago such a high-end infrastructure was only available to a small number of large and rich corporations.

  • Server Virtualization Hypervisor: VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus 5.1;
  • Monitoring, management and security: VMware vCloud Suite 5.1.
  • Storage Virtualization Hypervisor: Datacore SANSymphony 9.0
  • Hosts: 2 x Intel Xeon Е5-2680 8-Cores / 16-Threads 2.7GHz /8GT/s QPI / 4 x 10Gbps Ethernet / 2 x 16Gbps Fiber Channel
  • Data Center Network: Cisco Nexus 5500 Core Switches / Cisco Nexus 2000 Host Access Switches / Optional Cisco 1000V VM Access Switches / Cisco 72xx Routers
  • Data Center SAN: Brocade 6505 Enterprise SAN Switches (16Gbps)
  • Storage: Hitachi AMS 2xxx Fiber Channel SAN Arrays / LSI SAS Arrays / LSI SAS SSD Arrays

Virtual Data Center