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Self-service on demand: Each consumer can provision different computer services, including storage, server and applications. These are operated automatically, eliminating the need for human contact with service providers. Demand for these capabilities can be scaled up or down depending on the specific needs of the business or organization.

Virtual Resource Pools (VRP): This is a critical feature of cloud computing for private clouds. Resources from physical servers, storage and network are complied into logical resource pools that help utilization and boost efficiency and utilization. VRP guarantees computing resources to all servers in a private cloud, with all these resources being automatically allocated among the virtual servers in the pool.

Flexible pricing: Since clients can determine the type and volume of cloud services they are able to plan their expenditure carefully. This flexibility is possible thanks to various models, like utility pricing, variable payments, pay-by-consumption and different subscription models.

Measured services: Cloud services can control resource use automatically, optimizing them by implementing metering capabilities according to the type of service — processing, storage, bandwidth, etc. Thanks to these measuring capabilities, resource usage can be monitored and adjusted, ensuring transparency for both clients and providers.